Hypothesis: It takes no more than a simple story for a stranger to feel familiar. Even if the story is made up.

[A photographic docudrama]

“Do You Know Them?”. A photographic docudrama developed by me and my partner Laura. She would meet Londoners in her commute, take pictures of them and invent stories inspired by those pictures.

What’s fascinating about this: the tensions it creates.

The public Vs. The private:
Should we be photographed and posted online without our consent? The way Google Street View does?

Empathy Vs. Unconscious bias:
Are these made up stories filled with preconceptions and stereotypes? Or is this just a pure attempt to try and see the human behind a stranger, an act of empathy?

The strange Vs. The familiar:
It takes very little for the strange to feel familiar. But does the familiar ever stop being strange? Even the closest people in our inner circles, don’t they surprise us every now and then?