Hypothesis: When you treat homeless artists like artists, they feel like they finally have a place where they belong.

[An art zine]

“A Home For Homeless Art”. An art zine dedicated to publish work made by homeless artists. Created and produced independently by me and my partner Laura, supported by Café Art in London and The Rainbow Group in Amsterdam, and photographed and designed by Carlos Thunm.

Our zine works as a catalogue: for the artists portrayed, we work to promote their art works, and indirectly sell them.

Our zine works as an art mag: for most readers, our zine reports the life and publishes the work of unknown artists.

Our zine works as a marketing instrument: for partners, we promote the whole network around homelessness, helping spread the message and eventually raise funds.

Our zine works as an emotional bridge between having no home at all and feeling like you belong.

Founder and Editor
Art zine
2015 onwards
London, Amsterdam