Hypothesis: There aren't that many places in the world where you can just be yourself.

[A brand strategy piece, for Burger King globally]

By the beginning of 2014, Burger King had lost its coolness after years focusing single-mindedly on taste, and mimicking old creative formulas of the QSR category.

After 3 months working on the brand revamp brief, DAVID, together with BK’s new global marketing team, got to a the conclusion that the brand should go back to its “Have it your way” prop, but with an evolution.

That’s how “Be your way” was born. A nod to the essence of the brand, with a shift to modernize it rooted in the value of Authenticity. Authenticity of its ingredients, products, stores, assets, the King and the Whopper. Authenticity of its well-known challenger behaviour.

Time to act authentically in order to attract likeminded people.

Our driving mantra: there aren’t that many places in the world or moments in your day when you can just be yourself. When you’re at BK store, or eating a Whopper like no-one is watching, you feel like you can just be you.

Introducing "(Be) Your Way”. A brand idea launched in 2015 that’s still very much alive.

Strategy Director