Hypothesis: Real life is messy.

[A campaign insight, for Uber EMEA]

  1. After years without any form of brand communication, it was time for Uber to find its own voice within the bad press. A consistent, human voice, for the whole EMEA region. To make the Uber brand just as relatable as the Uber product.

The insight outlined below in the form of a thought piece was the heart of this campaign that showed how Uber’s innovations help people navigate the messiness of life.


“I move, therefore I am.”
Haruki Murakami

Real life isn’t perfect. It doesn’t look like anything on Instagram. Real life isn’t 9 to 5. Or a nice easy A to B. Real life isn’t get married get rich get a house get a dog get a house on the beach. Real life doesn’t wear makeup on. Real life doesn’t go to plan, because real life doesn’t have a plan.

Real life is messy.

We’re always late for that Tinder date at the other end of London. We’re always in that meeting that’s overrunning straight into bedtime. We all have that friend who lost her phone, purse, keys and boyfriend on the same day but somehow needs to get to our sofa. Our passport, sitting happily on the kitchen table, while we stand captive on the train, on the way to the airport. Yes, you feel it: sometimes the mess of life is overwhelming.

Here’s the thing, though: without a bit of mess, life is a bit… lifeless, isn’t it?

The mess is where the excitement is. The opportunities. The humanity. What if the answer isn’t tidying life up then? What if the answer is moving through the mess, making the most of it?

It doesn’t matter if we’re “moving forward” or backwards or sideways. Technology is only useful when it moves with life. So no matter “Where to?”, here’s where Uber comes in. In about 3 minutes. Uber helps people navigate the messiness of modern life. And look around. All signs show it will only get messier.

How life moves, where it gets stuck, when it stumbles, how we change course, where we need a break, when we could use a boost… That’s what they’re thinking about right now, the Uber people. On how they might be able to help make all that mess move along a little better.

By far the most ground-breaking feature that Uber ever added to an Uber ride are the real men and women behind the wheel. They live messy lives too. Being a flexible job is how Uber helps them. And for the messy lives of riders, they never forget: a bottle of water can be a day-changing innovation, too.

Strategy Director
72andSunny Amsterdam