Hypothesis: You're not in control of your brand, but you can make friends with the ones who are.

[A proactive idea, for AXE / LYNX UK]

First, Michael Dappah releases through its comedic rapper character Big Shaq the “Man’s not hot” music video, in which the lyrics say:

Perspiration thing
Spray that
Lynx Effect
Come on
You didn’t hear me
Did ya?

Days later, he releases another video, now talking straight to camera “we’ve got the whole world saying Lynx Effect, where’s the effect on my check?”.

Besides Michael Dappah being a widely influential comedian in Britain, music is a strategic passion point for Lynx (AXE). Yes, he was doing free publicity for the brand, but we never sent him a check. We sent him something else.

Entirely built by 72andSunny Amsterdam’s creative team in the agency studio, the Big Shaq can sings “Man’s not hot” lyrics every time you press the spray button. It’s basically a regular Lynx can with a speaker attached to it.

Immediately after we sent our gift to him, he posted a video interacting with the can on his Facebook feed. Shortly after, the video had already got 4 million views, 40k+ comments, 170k likes and 20k shares: an equivalent of £15 million media earned, with literally zero media spent.

Months later, Big Shaq releases another music video for a new track. It doesn’t say “Lynx Effect”, but it depicts our rap-singing can, adding extra 24 million organic views for our activation.

Strategy Director
72andSunny Amsterdam