Hypothesis: Masculinity doesn't need a lecture, it needs a laugh.

[A campaign, for LYNX UK]

How to launch a shower gel you can shave with, to young, conservative men in the UK?

With a laugh, not a lecture. At least in 72andSunny Amsterdam and AXE Global Marketing team’s POV.

On the one hand, the shower is one of those places where you can do your thing. So you should do what makes you feel good: increasingly, this means shaving, our data showed – guys are increasingly interested in all things shaving and grooming.

On the other hand, Lynx (how AXE is named in the UK) wants guys to express themselves, to find their magic. And the Shower&Shave line is yet another product to help them do it so.

So to encourage guys to make shaving part of their routine – and buy Lynx’s Shower and Shave line of body washes, we created a series of fun long-form tutorials to address guys’ more pressing grooming questions.

Or as the PR headlines read: “LYNX invites inquisitive men who want to explore the sensory experience of body hair removal as a way to express their individuality”.

“Shower and Shave tutorials – feels as smooth as it sounds” was divided into three long-form episodes – Chest, Balls and Legs. In each episode, guys were taken on a soothing ASMR experience where the process of shaving was led by host Kevin, who softly whispers instructions as to how to get the perfect shaved body.


These videos were deployed to both segments of those looking for grooming tutorials and fans of ASMR videos, with its relaxing hand movements, nail tapping and scratching of hard surfaces, as well as plenty of brushing sounds.

It won at the Webby Awards 2020 in the “Experimental and Weird Category”.

Strategy Director
72andSunny Amsterdam