Hypothesis: Google Search data paints an accurate picture of what we're all into.

[An app, for Google Germany]

Google, the Helpfulness brand, wanted to get closer to young Germans and improve its Brand Power index. To do it so, we knew from the get go that the Google-type emotional TV ads wouldn’t be enough. That we had to do something that was true to the Google brand and experience, and that could be relatable for young Germans. Lastly, this shouldn’t be a one-off campaign, but a consistent comms stream.

It all started with an investigation of cultural tensions within the audience, and the discovery that despite being a super fluid, eclectic generation in a constant pursuit to experiment new stuff, they felt always put in a limiting box by society and brands.

By converging Google’s hero experience of Search with Germans' passion point of experimental music, we created an ode to younger German’s fluid way of being.

An interactive mobile experience enabling users to turn the most searched terms on Google into sounds and mix the favorite ones into a music track. All in partnership with Berlin-based DJ and producer @mobilegirl.

“Upcycling” became a saw cutting a wood board. “Cosplay” became swords slashing. “Zero waste” became the crunching of plastic bottles.

We sampled sounds for ramen, true crime podcasts, and everything in between. Then, we turned them into a unique experience called “Search Sounds” that let people mix their favorites into music.

Much like the unexpected information we learn every day from Google searches, “Search Sounds” mashes up sound effects into unexpected combinations. Each sound effect was accompanied by a playful animated visual, making it a multi-sensory experience. Once people browse the library and choose three sounds, the experience mixes them together into a song and creates a video they can download and share.

Strategy Director
72andSunny Amsterdam