Hypothesis: Fun can always last longer, as long as you drink light beer.

[An activation, for SKOL Brazil]

SKOL is the biggest beer brand in Brazil, but by late 2019, it needed a boost. For multiple challenges, it wasn’t cool to drink SKOL socially anymore. Putting simply, it was time to recover its social credentials, by reframing its core benefit of lightness.

With a new marketing team taking the lead, and GUT as their brand new agency, it was the perfect timing to dive deeply into the vast amount of data and insights gathered by SKOL previous marketers over the recent years, and reposition the brand.

A jester brand. A light liquid. Those were the pillars of a new positioning: SKOL is light so you can have fun for longer.

“O Aviãozinho da SKOL”, aka “Rainless ProJet”, was one of the first ideas that landed this new way forward.

The thought process behind it – what gets in the way of long-lasting fun during Carnival? The rain. What if we could stop it, or perhaps send it somewhere else? How?

We employed an innovative and environmentally ethical method to induce rainfall in the Cantareira Water System. This was the first time that this technology was used in an ad campaign. The rain fell into the Cantareira reservoir before it hit the festivities. This way, the rain still fell, continuing the natural cycle of water but ensuring sunshine for Carnival.

The result? SKOL was the most talked brand during Carnival in Brazil, and the most associated with it in aftermath research. Rainless ProJet was even covered by The Economist – https://www.economist.com/the-americas/2020/02/27/a-beer-company-tries-to-keep-brazilian-carnival-revellers-dry.

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