Hypothesis: Nothing gets in the way of Pride.

[A campaign, for Mercado Libre Brazil]

By June 2020, a Pandemic had taken over the world putting its entire population in quarantine, to avoid any social physical interaction. One of the many consequences of that – the cancellation of the Pride Parade in São Paulo.

At the same time, Mercado Libre, biggest ecommerce platform in Latin America, had become a leading voice in the crisis, helping millions of Brazilians stay home by getting stuff safely delivered to them. After two consecutive years sponsoring the official Pride Parade, this shouldn’t be the year to drop it. After all, it’s a brand with the promise to deliver Progress as expressed by its tagline “The best is coming”.

“Feed Parade” brought the parade to people’s Instagram feed, all in partnership with the official Pride Parade organization.

Users could tag themselves or comment on any of the 279 photos of Paulista Avenue uploaded to the account and their IG handle would be featured on a music video by Gloria Groove, Brazilian artist and LGBTQIA+ activist.

All the photos were tagged after just 15min of the launch. The level of engagement with the account was more than twice as big as the average on Instagram. And the best of it – the little hatred expressed in the comments was defended by Mercado Libre’s own employees, without any prior request to do it so.

Head of Strategy